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AP SCSP & TSP (Planning, allocation and Utilisation of Financial Resources) Act 2013

* To ensure Accelerated development of SCs & STs with emphasis on achieving equality in the next 10 years.
* Focus on economic, educational, and human development.
* Ensuring security and social dignity.
* Promoting equity among SCs and STs.
* Earmark the portion of the total plan outlays of the State which shall be proportionate to the SC/ ST population of the State.
* Ensuring effective institutional mechanisms for the implementation.

Institutional Mechanism: (Committees at various levels under SCSP-TSP)

* State Council headed by Hon'ble Chief Minister.
* Focus on economic, educational, and human development.
* High-Level Working Group under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary to Govt.
* Nodal Agency under the Chairmanship of Minister for Tribal Welfare.
* District Monitoring Committee for SCSP & TSP at district level headed by District Collector.
* SCSP & TSP Rules have been issued by the Government vide G.O.Ms.No.23, Dt.28.04.2015.
* Thus the entire TSP funds are being utilized under the proper supervision of the above committees at various levels.

TSP-Major Policy changes after enactment

S.No Indicator Before enactment After enactment
1Legal backupNo legal status. Only instructions from planning CommissionLegal Back up
2Institutional MechanismNo specific Institutional mechanismDetailed mechanism from State level to district level
3Shift in strategyMostly a monitoring strategyEffective planning strategy
4AllocationsRoutine as per specified percentageAs per the felt needs of the SCs and STs
5PlanningPlans are prepared in isolation by Line departmentsPlans are prepared in consultation with Nodal Departments and approved by Nodal Agencies
6Setting up of TargetsRoutinely decidedRealistic targets
7Monitoring and FeedbackIrregularRegular and close
8TransparencyData usually not available on public domainWeb portals put in place
9Incentives and penaltiesNot existingProvided by the Act