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The main aim of the Tribal Welfare Engineering Department is to create assets for the tribal beneficiaries by executing works and maintaining them. The functionary's rights from the section officers to the Executive Engineer should have close interaction with the tribal beneficiaries for the successful implementation of the programmers. The Socio-Economic and Climatic Conditions of T.S.P areas are varying from the plain areas. Many habitations in T.S.P areas are inaccessible because of hilly terrains and perennial streams.

The regular Government Engineering Departments like R&B and Panchayat Raj is not taking up the works in inaccessible rural areas because of hilly terrains. Hence there is a necessity to create a separate Engineering Wing for speedy and effective execution of works and to create permanent assets for tribals in tribal areas for which Tribal Welfare Engineering Wing was formed on 24.04.1984 vide GO Ms.No.78 of SW (V) Department for the focused approach of development works in agency areas.

The Engineering Wing is created to look after the TSP areas at the district level at ITDA pockets. The ITDAs were established in 8 districts of Eastern Ghats later on.




In order to ensure quality education, it is proposed to strengthen the Tribal Welfare Educational Institutions i.e., Ashram Schools, Hostels converted into Residential schools, and Post Matric Hostels, etc. by providing the necessary infrastructure for skill upgradation and training. During 2020-21, an amount of Rs.102.48 Cr. was allotted and (423) works are under progress, expenditure incurred for Rs.66.53 Crores. In FY 2021-22 an amount of Rs.102.06 Cr was allocated.

4.1.2 ARTICLE 275(I):

Under Article 275(I), the Government of India releases Grants-in-Aid to State Plan for the development of Scheduled Tribes or Scheduled Areas that are being utilized for the continuation of (4) Ekalavya Model Residential Schools and also towards maintenance charges of (10) newly sanctioned Ekalavya Model Residential schools and also to bridge critical gaps in infrastructure by taking up infrastructure development facilities such as the construction of buildings and to provide running water in TW educational institutions and Lab Equipment to Res. Schools etc. Out of 10 schools (3) was completed and the remaining (7) are in progress.


This scheme is for providing connectivity to un-connected tribal habitations. An amount of Rs. 20.00 Cr. is allotted for 2020-21 was allotted wherein (16) works are completed and the remaining (20) works are under progress, expenditure incurred for Rs.19.95 Crores, For FY 2021-22 amount of Rs.20.00 Cr was allocated.


This scheme is for the creation of infrastructure-related works in TW educational institutions under the RIDF - XXII to XXV tranche. An amount of Rs.15.00 Cr. was allocated during 2020-21, wherein (37) works were completed and (43) works are in progress, and expenditure was incurred with the amount of Rs.13.85 crores. For FY 2021-22 amount of Rs.10.00 Cr was allocated.


Government-issued orders sanctioning (45) works with an estimated cost of Rs.26.00 Cr. for providing drinking water and sanitation in TW Hostels, Ashram Schools, Post Matric Hostels, and Residential Institutions. There is a spill over the component of Rs. 7.50 Cr. for completion during 2020-21 with a Budget allotment of Rs.8.00 Crs. Expenditure incurred in the amount of Rs.1.60 crores. For FY 2021-22 amount of Rs.3.70 Cr was allocated.

4.1.6 Strenthening of Marketing & Storage Infrastructure in ITDAs:

To ensure better storage facilities for the agriculture, horticulture, MFP, and floriculture produce of the ST farmers, for improved bargaining capacity for the remunerative prices, a number of Rs. 3.00 Cr. is allotted during 2021-22 towards creating storage and marketing infrastructure facilities, Storage godowns in the tribal areas. During FY 2019-20 Govt., sanctioned (11) works with an amount of Rs.19.97 cr. Were sanctioned for creating infrastructure facilities in Tribal areas pertains to the Marketing department.


Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Programme was launched by the Government of AP to facelift all the school infrastructure for improving quality education for the children. The school education department was instructed to take up (9) components i.e. Toilets with running water, Electrification with fans and tube lights, Drinking water supply, Furniture for students and staff, Painting to school, Major and minor repairs, Green chalkboards, English labs, Compound walls to the schools in 3 phases with school education department funds by tapping funds from various sources like nabard, and state budget with various implementing agencies under phase.1 & 2 there are 819 schools and hostels were covered.


In the action plan for implementation of the dairy husbandry program for the FY 2020-21, the Construction of (92) gokulams pertains to (5) ITDAs i.e. ITDAs of Seethampeta, Parvathipuram, Paderu, East Godavari, and Chintur with an Estimate cost of Rs.2024.00 Lakhs.


Under MGNREGS Scheme in a tribal area, the road connectivity for unconnected habitations and upgradation of the road to BT standards, Grama Sachivalayas, Wellness Canters, Rythu Barossa kendras (Godowns) are taken up with the Rural Development Department and funds allocation as per the approved action plan by RD Department. For the financial year 2021-22, (364) BT roads were sanctioned with an amount of Rs.350.07 Cr., for providing connectivity of 885km, 225 gravel roads for an amount of Rs.98.01 Cr., for connecting road length of 560km and all works are in progress.