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Girijan Cooperative Corporation(GCC)

* Established in 1956 under Cooperative Societies Act with headquarters at Vishakhapatnam.
* Aimed to provide credit facilities for agriculture & marketing of MFP & AP of STs and supply of daily requirements through 1346 DR Depots/FP Shops. The details of the business activities of GCC are given here.
S.No Activity Target for the year Achievement during the year 2018-19 % of Achievement Achievement in 2017-18
1MFP/AGRI-Horti produce700015.9222.75%10.24
2Coffee pooling & MKTG30006.8122.71%8.77
3Sale of ECs270016.9756.56%19.34
4Sale of other Domestic Requirements34300277.9781.75%242.25
5Credit Disbursement & Recovery15002.0413.61%4.14
6Retail sale of value added Products350023.3026.58%22.53