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1. A.P. Tribal Power Company Ltd., incorporated in 2002.

2. To harness the natural Hydel power potential available in scheduled areas by constructing mini hydel power projects.

3. Projects will be owned and managed by a project committee consisting of local tribal women.

4. Capacity building to the tribal women of the respective project committees was imparted by intensive training, in the construction and maintenance of hydel power projects.



The paid-up capital is Rs.25.00 lakhs divided into 2,50,000 shares of Rs.10/- each.

S.No Share holder No.of shares @Rs.10/- each Share capital amount (Rs. in lakhs)
1Govt. of Andhra Pradesh1,60,00016.00
2MD, TRICOR10,0001.00
3PO, ITDA, Seethampet10,0001.00
4PO, ITDA, Parvatipuram10,0001.00
5PO, ITDA, R.C.Varam10,0001.00
6PO, ITDA, Bhadrachalam10,0001.00
7PO, ITDA, Paderu10,0001.00
8PO, ITDA,Eturunagaram10,0001.00
9PO, ITDA, Utnoor10,0001.00
10PO, ITDA, K.R.Puram10,0001.00
1Principal Secretary / Secretary to Government, Tribal Welfare, Govt. of AP- Ex-Officio Chairman
2Director / Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Government of AP-Ex-Officio Managing Director
3VC & M.D., NREDCAP, Hyderabad-Director
4Project Officer, ITDA, Rampachodavaram- Director
5Project Officer, ITDA, Paderu- Director
6Project Officer, ITDA, Seethampeta- Director
7Director (Hydel), APGENCO- Director

As per the Government orders, the mini hydel power projects would be established at the sites identified depending on viability, etc. by tapping capital subsidy provided by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India. The balance funds shall be tapped from the funds available under Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) up to 50% of the loan component of each project as an interest-free loan, subject to World Bank clearance and repayable over 15 years and the remaining loan component shall be mobilized from the Financial Institutions for which purpose the State Government shall provide a requisite guarantee.

The loan will be provided to the Project Committee through the Mandal Samakhya. The loan repayment to the financial institutions shall be made within a reasonable repayment period (say 7 years) or as fixed by the Financial Institutions and the project handed over to the project committee. Thereafter, the Project Committee shall repay the SERP loan to Mandal samakhyas, and repayment completed within 15 years.


The company has so far identified (121) potential locations in the combined state of AP with an installed capacity of 182.10 MW. Detailed Project Reports were prepared for (23) projects of 28.40 MW. Pre-Feasibility Reports for (26) Projects of 26.55 MW were submitted to the Government of India.

To start with, the APTRIPCO initially grounded 3 Mini Hydel Power Projects (1.20 MW each) at Vetamamidi, Mitlapalem, and Pinjarikonda of Addateegala (M), RC Varam ITDA area, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh during the year 2005.

Location Estimated Capacity (MW) Estimated Project Cost Subsidy NABARD Loan State Govt. Contribution

Of which the MHPP at Vetamamidi was commissioned on 15-04-2011, and the other two projects are in progress.

A) Training to Women Groups:

In order to equip the Project Committee members and the local community to gear them up for the projects right from the construction stage to the operation stage and to understand the need of the Mini Hydel Power Project, operational aspects, financial benefits, overall development of tribal areas, etc., the following training programs were conducted in Phased manner.

Project committees involving local tribal women of the respective village were formed. Capacity building and awareness to the project committees were provided by intensive training in construction, plant and machinery maintenance, and exposure to the nearby Mini Hydel Power Stations.

The capacity building for the tribal women was provided by intensive training in construction, plant, and machinery and exposure to the working Mini Hydel Power Stations Project Committees were constituted in the 3 MHPP locations with 20 local tribals each who will involve themselves in the construction and maintenance of the projects.

B) Power Purchase Agreement

Eastern Power Distribution Company Limited of AP has consented for entering the Power Purchase Agreement with the concerned project committees of the said 3 MHPPs on 24-02-2007 for the purchase of power generated at Rs.2.49ps as per APERC regulations.


Tripartite MoU amongst Project Committees concerned, P.O. ITDA R.C. Varam and AP TRIPCO and agreement with the NREDCAP by the concerned project committees have been executed on 05-12-06, in the presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister, AP for defining various responsibilities, distribution of income, repayment of loans, etc.



This project was constructed by incurring an expenditure of Rs.7.22 CRS. and was successfully commissioned and synchronized on 15-04-2011.

Source of funding Sanctioned amount Amount releases Amount Spent
MNRE capital subsidy310.00232.50232.50
NABARD loan275.19275.19275.19
State Govt. contribution14.4814.4814.48
Other Sources from TW Dept. & APTRIPCONil198.94198.94

So far, 18.36 MU of power was generated till 31-03-2021 and supplied to APEPDCL. An amount of Rs.258.12 Lakhs was released by APEPDCL towards sale proceeds for the period up to 31-07-2020. The amount is in the joint account of PO, ITDA, RC Varam, and President, Vetamamidi MHPP Project Committee. After the finalization of modalities by the Government, the sale proceeds amount will be allocated to the O&M of the unit, APTRIPCO, and any development activities of the local tribal areas.

At present 9 Nos. Operational & Maintenance staff (Tribal personnel) are working for Vetamamidi MHPP and their salaries are being paid by APTRIPCO subject to reimbursement of sale proceeds funds.

Further, the monthly honorarium is being paid by APTRIPCO to 14 Nos. Project committee members of Vetamamidi MHPP (Tribal Women's) for rendering their services (Maintenance for 3 days in a month) to the Vetamamidi plant.


The work is awarded to M/s Manihamsa Power & Mineral Beneficiation Ltd.) on 30-12-2016 for the execution of Civil, hydro-mechanical, and 33 KV line power evacuation works. At present 95% of all civil works are completed in all respects and balance works are in progress. 85% of E&M equipment was manufactured and kept in a material godown at the Vetamamidi project site. Now, the project is under erection and commission of the E&M equipment. The project is expected to be complete and commissioned by the end of November 2021. The details of the contract value, funds released & spent and balance value of works to do are furnished here.

Contract value of Pinjarikonda MHPP Funds Released & Spent Balance Value of Works to be done
Civil E&M Total Civil E&M Total Civil E&M Total


The work is awarded to M/s Usha Kiran Constructions on 17-04-2017 for the execution of balance civil, hydro-mechanical, and 33 KV line power evacuation works. At present 40% of civil works are completed and the balance works are in progress. The project is expected to be complete and commissioned by the end of February 2022. The details of the contract value, funds released & spent and balance value of works to do are furnished here.

Estimated Cost for the balance works of Pinjarikonda MHPP Funds Released & Spent Balance Value of Works to be done
Civil E&M Total Civil E&M Total Civil E&M Total